24 November 2008

Thanksgiving One

Last night we had Thanksgiving One with the Jasplund's and Emily at Bam's. It was a magnificent feast. As we speak I'm eating turkey breast dipped in Mayonaise (it's ok as long as it's white meat with no bread.) For breakfast I ate left over chilled sweet-potato cake with hazelnuts and white chocolate frosting. It is the best food I've ever eaten, and the turkey I'm partaking of right now is still ridiculously moist and flavorful. Emily also made my favorite dish of the meal (besides the other Emily creation, the cake) which was a napa cabbage salad with parsley, radishes, pecans and apples. I ate a heaping plateful.

For Thanksgiving Two, a small affair with just the littles, Bonnie, and a stray person from Mexico who has nowhere to go, I'm keeping it tres simple (C. isn't eating these days, he's on a crash diet to try to make his back feel better and the littles eat virtually nothing without their hearty appetited sisters to model for them). Here's the menu:

Brined Turkey--as of yet undetermined temperature strategy
Stuffing with sausage, apple and pecans
Garlic Flash-Fried Green Beans
Mark Bittman's sauteed sweet potatoes with sage and brown butter
Ambrosia (Cecily insists)
Mom's rolls (and I'll make some orange rolls, too)
Bam's fresh cran/orange sauce
Sour cream mashed potatoes
Apple pie with Alice Water's peach crisp topping (the best topping ever)
Bonnie's bringing pumkin pie

I'm thinking of adding an orange/jicama/watercress salad, but I don't know who would eat it besides me. I'm trying not to be sad about all of the people who won't be here and focus on enjoying the littles.




Marni C. said...

Can't you pack it up and drive to Seattle? That all sounds so good. I have to look up that Alice Waters recipe . . .

xoxoxo marni

Writermama said...

that does sound good. i love bittman's recipes. there was a recent article in the times in which he talks about his tiny, inconvenient kitchen. made me feel better.