30 November 2008

Family Dining

I try to cook dinner every night. Here are a few of our menus from this week:

menu 1:

*cifford family farms eggs over easy
*sweet italian sausages from Harmons (they make their own)
*whole wheat toast with butter
*ruby red grapefruit wedges dipped in sugar

menu 2:

*turkey tetrazzini with fresh bread crumb/parmesean crispy topping
*garlic green beans seared in olive oil
*french bread
*peach cherry crisp with whipped cream and pecan topping

menu 3:

*rice with leftover turkey and gravy
*leftover fresh cranberry/orange sauce
*shredded napa and swiss chard salad with scallions, radishes, jicama, oranges, with orange vinegarette

I already posted our Thanksgiving menu. Next week, be watching for winter squash and sweet potato menues.

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