23 November 2008

Lula and Me

Lula and I are sitting with two laptops trying things out. She is quite savvy with Gmail chat and got me set up on it. We tried to chat with the Engsplunds, but they are probably in bed. We also took pictures for our Gmail profiles. Lula also made some awesome hot chocolate. She told me that you need to do it on the stove top because it doesn't taste as good when done in the microwave. Lu also showed me an amazing 12 year old yodeler on America's Got Talent.

Lara, your posts are amazing. Funny and fascinating. Keep it comin'. Last night we watched Confessions of a Teen-age Drama Queen. Very nice movie actually. The moral: even if you're not in New York, if you are happy you have New York with you all the time, or something like that?

I through my back out two weeks ago while taking Ceci and Moses for a walk. It has been plaguing me ever since. Went to Seattle last week for a gig with a solo viola set, and I toyed with not going because the kind of viola stuff I was doing is very physical. So after the concert last Sat. it was so bad I found it difficult to walk or stand and actually spent Sun-Tues in bed essentially. Mom has been doing basically everything for me. She's amazing.

I am now teaching a group of students that has a combination of cluelessness and touretz-esque compulsion about asking questions. Sometimes I will answer the same question three times in a row about something that's in a handout. Fun tho'.


Eva said...

Love you, daddy. Thanks for the post! Hope you're feeling better.

Marni C. said...

I'm glad you came. It was way fun. Your show was amazing.