16 November 2008

imagine my dismay

to come home from church and find NO messages from Ingrid. This is killing me. So Ingrid, if you're out there, you'd best write me a long and very detailed email/yo post right away. I have nothing to tell the millions of people who ask about you every day, and I need to send off your Christmas package before too long, so I need info!!!! I'm sorely tempted to call, but I'm more afraid of your host mother than you are.

Christian's been in Seattle this week, so we're quite bored here. Yesterday I finally got myself back to yoga. It was hard. I did a grueling dress rehearsal for the primary program with the exceedingly naughty assisting, attempted to clean the house, and then went for an exciting girl's night out with Kindra that included stops at BOTH Costco and Sears, where I found the vacuum of my dreams at a deep discount (actually it's my runner-up dream vacuum--first place goes to the expensive and complex Dyson. Maybe some day.)

We had our primary program today, and the children were amazing. They can sing like nobody's business. I took the littles to McDonald's for Happy Meals which they "ate" while we drove out to Utah Lake. We thought we'd play at the beach because it's brilliant outside, but it turns out it was also brilliantly cold, and we were wearing church clothes and sweaters. MoMo is napping, and I'm off for my own little nap time with my new Henning Menkell book from the library, then Bam's for dinner, then Daddy comes home! Daddy, how 'bout a Seattle trip post, and how 'bout a word from Eva?

xo y'all,


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Marni C. said...

Hooray for your Primary Program. We had ours today, and I kept wishing I could be seeing your handiwork.

Christian is the most fun guest! Love love love you guys!