17 November 2008

long live the queen of the dance floor!

I'm back. Finally. Here is some general stuff:
No, I haven't made official friends yet. I mean, there are girls in my class who I sit with during breaks, and I invited them to go shopping with me today (woo!) and they said maybe we could next week on our field trip, or something like that. Everybody in our school lives an hour away from each other, so I'm trying to feel like that's why they didn't want to do something outside of school with me. And please, don't tell me how pathetic it is that I don't have friends yet-- I already lie awake at night thinking about it. HOWEVER, if you have advice please give it to me.
I am back in the tenth grade. It is hard, but my teachers don't seem to expect me to do homework or take tests. They probably will soon, but for now I am still just a week in and don't know any of the stuff we're being tested on. When the teacher seems to be not busy, I sometimes ask him or her to give me a slowish explanation, and that helps.
I went to church! It was wonderful-- what else can I say on the matter?
I went to the disco! It was also wonderful, and I forgot how much I belong on the dance floor. Everybody called me Pippi Langstraumpf (pippi longstockings) on account of my pigtails, and probably 100 different people came up to me and said (in German) "Well hey there cool tutu girl dancing with uncouth vigor, what's your name?" and I would say, "Hey there neo-80's German scene kid, I'm Ingrid from America" and then we would dance some more. At one point, one of my new friends pulled me out of the fog and was like, "this boy thinks your hot", but then he was bashful so I took the next conga line back into the mosh pit and kept dancing. It was great to make friends without having to talk a lot.
Um, I don't know... host family's good, food's good, weather's terrible. I miss you all and of course advice and letters are always appreciated!


Christian said...

Yes, you are full of uncouth vigor, are you not?

eliza.e.campbell said...


Eva said...

Ingy Bing!!! I am confident that you will make friends. You are just one of those people who likes to take their time with things like that, and as a result end up with very loyal friends who love you very much. Be yourself, and don't be afraid to speak, even if you don't know exactly what it is you are saying.
Love you!!!

Eva said...

ps, thanks a million for all of the b-day items!

mimiwings06 said...


All boys think you're hot!

Marni C. said...

Love the image of tutu girl in the German disco!

Bingy said...

Eva: a note on the birthday items-- I sent you a card with a song on it that I wrote (the "Oh Evybeh" formula), but it got sent back, and I can't find another envelope that it fits in. But it has a muscular man on the front.