30 November 2008

Thanksgiving in Weimar!

So, I didn't end up eating anything out of the ordinary on Thanksgiving, but I did try to be extra thankful. I thought about suggesting a Thanksgiving feast in my host family, but I felt a little high-maintainence asking that a turkey I wouldn't have eaten be roasted on my behalf. Instead, I went on a field trip to Weimar, which is the birthplace of Goethe and Schiller. It was neat-- we went to a classical concert but I can't remember the name of the composer... in any case, I was enjoying it very much, but then right at the end-ish I looked to my right and what did I see? Five boys watching an action movie on one of their cell phones.
After that we had some free time, so I walked around with my friends (friends!). We walked past the house where Schiller was born, which was neat, and I bought some postcards. I sent one of them to Boyd, but I still have two more. Who wants one? We also went to a coffee shop where I sat around awkwardly, and a few clothing stores. I was standing by a rack of jewelry, trying to find a ring for my thumb (I only have four! my thumb is naked!), and my friend Julia, who has pink hair, said to me, "Aha, this is your world". It was cute. And then some lady thought I was shoplifting.
On the ride home, I sat by Jahn aus Usbekistan (sp?), who was slightly tipsy and very friendly. We took pictures together and I told him about Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and then he fell asleep on my shoulder. Cute.
Have I talked to you all about the weather? Because it is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered. On Nov. 20 it monsooned ( I know this very well because I went skinny dipping that night... but it's a long story. Just know that there were no boys) and then the very next day it started snowing, and kept at it for several days until Thüringen was buried in a foot-deep blanket of snow. Two days later, all the snow had melted and it was raining again. Do you want to know what the sky did today? It sunshined. I'm just so confused about what the clouds want from me!
But other than that, all is well. I got a letter from a member of the Bundestag (the German congress) and I wrote one back (all in German!) and my family has started putting up Christmas decorations. Hooray!


Boyd said...

Ingrid! Well it sounds like despite the lack of a turkey that you would not have eaten your thanksgiving was fantastic. And the weather sounds terrible (I didn't know Germany got monsoons O_O) I look forward to recieving the post card with the utmost amount of antacipation

The Fam said...

r u listening to sleepytime these days?

Bingy said...

Darn straight I'm listening to sleepytime these days! I thought to put them on my Shuffle before I left, and I'm glad I did.