07 November 2008

Story Time

We've been having the cutest story time every night lately--after their bath Moses asks Cecily to "read" to him, so she gets out a blanket, pillow, and stack of books and they snuggle on the couch, he on top of her arm, and read together. I'm not allowed to come in. It's so adorable I can hardly stand it. And lately, Cecily has been asking to help put Momo to bed. I let her stay in his bed until they fall asleep, and then Lula starts asking if we can bring Cecily down to her bed. Both Moses and Lula like for Cecily to tell them stories. Lula says it's because she want's to hear what Cecily will come up with. I do too!

It's great to see the kids bonding, and to see a special role for Cecily emerging.

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