21 November 2008

cecy moment

Cecily: "What if we could call Heavenly Father on the phone?"
Me: "That would be cool."
Cecily: (in the voice of Heavenly Father) "Yes, I can make your allergies go away so you can get any dog you want. Yes I can make your Daddy want to get a pet. What else do you want?"


Marni C. said...

This is simultaneously hilarious, heart-breaking, and brilliant. Aren't there hypoallergenic dogs--like what the Obamas are getting?

Eva said...

Did you say "We CAN talk to Heavenly Father... through the power of prayer!"
Teaching moment!!!
Cecy is a nutball. You should buy her a dog for Chridmus.

The Fam said...

Damn those hypoallergenic dogs!