24 November 2008


I forgot that I also need to make deviled eggs for Lula. If Eva and Ingrid were here, I'd make stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed mushrooms are the most adorable of all Thanksgiving foods, perhaps of all foods in the world, and I love the process of popping the stems out of the cute little caps and then mounding them up with delicious savory concoctions of stems, parsley, basil, garlic, cream, asiago, sour cream, gruyere, pecans, hazelnuts, sausage, bacon, sage, and the list goes on (not every thing at once though--and the mushrooms I made for Thanksgiving One had red chilli flakes, which I thought tasted quite good). Also, I forgot my other favorite things about making stuffed mushrooms--watching the mushroom liquer well up inside the caps when I sear them.

xo, mushrooms!



Writermama said...

yum. red pepper flakes--one of my favorite augmenters. that's so nice you're cooking at home! our oven accomodates only one dozen cookies at a time, so we are eating out. where? we don't know.

The Fam said...

I do love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, but I'd be tempted this year to eat out if there was someplace good to go. . . . And I loved seeing Bittman's kitchen, too. It made me feel guilty that I have such a big kitchen and he such a small one (though I do have a crappy stove, too.)

Bingy said...

Deep sigh. I miss stuffed mushrooms. We need to have some the night I get back.