04 January 2009

Wir lieben das Leben, die Liebe und der Lust!

The title of this is an exerpt from one of my favorite drinking songs. I went to two parties this week (or rather, the same party twice)and they were fun. I got a lot of lechery-- somebody actually tried to kiss me, and I thanked heavens for all of the backbends I practiced in yoga and circus and ballet. Keep in mind, this was exactly five seconds after the man advised me to make a move on his cousin and I explained that I do not want a boyfriend. He insisted upon getting a kiss on the cheek, and I didn't argue because he was dangerously drunk. The problem with German parties is that they're really tiring because you have to act like your having WAY more fun than anyone else so that they won't think that being stone-cold sober is less fun (it is) (But don't worry Brother Barrow, I remembered what you taught me about how joy is better than fun) and also so that they won't think that Americans are all lame and give Angela Merkel backrubs (somehow I feel like many of the boys I met would not have minded an unsolicited backrub... but I was a good, clean-cut little exchange student, don't worry) I have started translating the anti-rape song into German, partially because I promised the Walden anti-rape team that I would as soon as I got good enough and partially because I'm probably going to the Gotha bahnhof again next week and want to be prepared.
But that's enough about forward men.
I went on a walk on Friday because it snowed for once and the sun was shining for once and I ran into my sweet cousin Paulina with her dog! The one thing that I had wished for on these walks was a friend and a dog (okay, and some bubble liquid and a picnic) so it was lovely, of course. We had come seperately and therefore with iPods so we talked sometimes but it wasn't a big deal when we didn't and I saw actual human beings skating on an actual frozen pond! Can you believe it? I thought that only happened in movies/daydreams/stories about my dad's life, but there they were, in the flesh. We walked almost to Mülhausen, but then the sun set because it was four in the afternoon (deep sigh) and we went home. It was very nice. You know what esle this place has? Good stars. Sometimes living in a small town isn't so bad, especially when you're walking home in the wee hours of 2009 with your eyes in the heavens. Not so bad at all.

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The Fam said...

i'm sooooo glad you learned to do backbends! and that you have a walking companion. i wish it was me walking to mulhausen with you!