25 January 2009

Steak Conference

I had a fun time at Stake Conference today with Elder Moon and Elder Russell M. Ballard. Elder Ballard said recounted his experience at the inauguration with Pres. Uchdorf. He said it was an unprecedentedly amazing experience. He said that the church is politically neutral. Then he said that "no matter what our party affliction..." that got a laugh, that we should all support and pray for our new president. It felt a little like 1978, I have to say. He also talked a lot about the economy and quoted at length Pres. Hincley's 1998 talk about preparing for economic hardship. In the afternoon I heard a talk on KBYU from Ezra Taft Benson, maybe from the '60s or '70s about communism. Not sure why they chose to broadcast that one.

We went to Goblin Valley yestreen. Really incredible. The drive was half the fun. But Goblin Valley was such an immanent experience. There are no trails so the kids can basically go anywhere and you can see people from pretty far away. You can climb any of the goblin-like structures. If you fall, the ground is really soft. We finally started going barefoot.

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Marni C. said...

I wish we could have been w/you!!