07 January 2009

more circular logic

momo and mommy, driving to 'benture time--a platonic dialogue:

-why do i not live with lions?

-because you're not a lion child.

-why not?

-because you're a human child.

-what's a human?

-a person.

-am i a bear child?



-because your mommy and daddy are humans, not bears.

-why do icicles make raindrops?

-because icicles are frozen water, and when it warms up they drip.

-why do icicles make other icicles?

-because when it warms up they drip and then it gets cold again and they freeze in the shape of two icicles.

-what if everyone didn't go to school?

-then everyone wouldn't be very smart.

-what if school was flying?

-then it would be really fun.

-why does snoopy not want to play with charlie brown?

-because he's not very nice.

-why does that girl say, "bad dog!" to snoopy?

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