11 January 2009

A sunbeam.

SO. First week back at school. not too bad, actually.
I'm really loving learning a new language-- I kind of though that it would be one of those things that is mostly hard/frustrating/tedious but with lots of good rewards, but I really haven't found that to be the case--I wake up every morning excited about all of the German I'm going to speak, and I really really love German-- the etymology (sp?) is so straightforward! That is exceedingly helpful for an exchange student. Do you want to know what the word for lightbulb is? Gluhberne (sp?), which literally means glowing pear. Isn't that wonderful? Also, they have good idioms. One that I picked up this week after much confusion is called that when you are fed up you say you have your nose full of something. I love Germans! All of my teachers were saying that to us this week, but I am kind of feeling like they must not have exceedingly capacious nostrils, because we are Gymnasium kids-- Thüringian Gymnasium kids-- and therefore perfect.
But the road to bilingualism is paved with low self-esteem, so will you guys give me cyber-gold stars and tell me I'm great? I know that I am shamelessly fishing for compliments here, but shame stopped being a factor in my life months ago. I'll reciprocate if you want.
This week was the beginning of the drama program. Actually, I think it's been going on for a while. But I joined it this week. I was standing there looking awkward, and somebody handed me a white jumpsuit and gloves and mask and commanded me to put it on. I thought about giving them a bemused look, but in the end I just went with it. So we interpretively danced for a few minutes, and then I sat and watched for the rest. The teacher gave me a script, though, so next week.
Also, I gave a presentation. But don't get excited, it was in English-- the advanced English class wanted to hear me mother tounging (that sounds really dirty. It's not supposed to) about Utah, so I told them about High School Musical and Zion's National Park and The Mormons. It was fun.
What else? I love you all.


Marni C. said...

Hi Ingie--You are such an amazing writer! I love your ideas and the way you say them. You are totally my hero, learning German, interpretive dancing, and teaching the gospel. I missed you at Christmas!! oxoxoxox Auntie Marni

Christian said...

There are not enough gold star stickers in the world to express how proud I am of you. I am completely blown away by how you've thrived in this program and in adapting to a new culture. I always thought you would do well, but you have done exceedingly, uber well. Well done, Ingy!



eliza.e.campbell said...
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eliza.e.campbell said...

Sorry, I don't know why that one got deleted. Probably because it didn't sufficiently express how COOL you are. There should be a movie of you.

Bingy said...

Aww thank you every one!