20 January 2009

Lark—Local Northwest Cuisine—I Heart Foragers

Alice and Jim treated us to a beautiful evening at Lark, on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The food was inspiring and engaging to all of the senses, as was the conversation and company. Lark is, Jim said, Alice’s favorite Seattle restaurant, and Chef John Sundstrom’s menu “features a range of small plates, allowing you to savor courses of cheese, charcuterie, vegetables, grains, fish, and meats. We work with local artisans, farmers, and foragers for an ever-changing selection that offers the best of each season, bright and intense with summer, heartening and rich in the fall. Sundstrom’s version of small plates is intended to inspire communal dining with waves of courses coming to your table, a blend of simple, seasonal, classic, and adventurous dishes. You dine, talk, and laugh while experiencing more flavors than with traditional entrées.”

So, small plates. We ordered eleven, plus four desserts. We ate for a very long time, and shared everything, which is the best way to eat with friends. I’ll post our menu and a few pictures. The stars of the evening were the foie gras, the carpaccio of yellowtail, the beet salad, the pork belly, the frozen lemon mousse and the quince tart.

And the butter. Does anyone know who makes their butter?

Watercress salad with beets,
sherry vinegar and guanciale wrapped date

Sautéed wild mushrooms
with garlic, olive oil and sea salt

Bluebird Grain Farms farro
with salsify and black trumpet mushrooms

Salumi Winter salami
with preserved quince

Oyster pan roast with cream,
bacon, salsify and chives

Carpaccio of Yellowtail
with preserved lemons and green olives

Roasted eel with saba
and new potato salad

Seared Sonoma foie gras
with caramelized pear and pain d’epice

Pork belly with braised cabbage,
potatoes, apple and crème fraiche

And, items I don’t have full descriptions for:

*Fish with white beans and Kale
*Frozen Meyer Lemon Mousse
*Quince Tart
*Sticky Toffee Steamed Pudding
*Chocolate Madeleines

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