05 January 2009

Family Dining

new year's eve:

*split pea & vegetable/guiness soup
*homemade caramelized onion, eggplant, feta and rosemary pizza
*homemade caramelized leek, pear, sage, and blue cheese pizza (bittman)
*marni's famous seven layer dip
*bam's romaine & orange gem salad
*grandpa noel's roasted chiles salsa
*roasted carrot/ginger/orange dip with pomegranate seeds (from my boyfriend mark bittman's blog)
*daddy's apricot nectar punch
*lula's bacon/cheese quiche
*deviled egg's
*giada's stuffed mushrooms

&. . .

*emily's cherry/chocolate/kirsch trifle

. . . and thus begins 2009's theme of bountiful, simple, homemade food. . .

sunday dinner:

*chicken marbella
*rice (the non-special kind--i can't make myself go to orem right now)
*garlic grilled green beans
*shredded napa salad with parmasean vinaigrette

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