03 January 2009

nerd party

On Boxing Day, I had a goal to relax and just live in the now, but instead I chose to throw a dinner for 23, thus proving the theory that I have an adrenaline addiction. When the guests arrived, I heard Christian in the other room say, “Hey—this is an all nerd party! And we have every type of nerd represented.” I was at first nonplussed by this statement, which could be construed as offensive and uncouth, however, a few hours later, I found this lying on the table after overhearing a conversation between two of the guests about Absolute Zero:

This paper had a companion sheet, but it disappeared (that story will come later on in the post.) I’m not sure how unfathomable these formulas are, as I never made it past Algebra 1. It does seem like there’s a whole universe there into which I have no entrĂ©e whatsoever.

This paper makes it seem like the world is way too big and, what's the word--ineffable, maybe? But I digress. We were talking about Boxing Day, not numbers.

For an all nerd party, it was exceedingly fun, though. For one thing, there were two guests who were flirting vociferously, and were this party set in a Jane Austen novel, it might have been commented upon as being unseemly for two guests to so monopolize each other in conversation, and with such enthusiasm as to exclude all other guests.

For another thing, nerds are much more interesting than cool people. So overall, it was a good night: much progress was made by one of the guests on a multi-colored argyle sweater, a small amount of progress was made on absolute zero, several hilarious musicology jokes were told, and one of the flirters left with the other flirter’s email address folded into a page of algorithims. Or whatever those things are called.

Wish all the rest of you nerds could have been there!


mimiwings06 said...

this nerd was thur!

Boyd said...

That was an exceedingly enjoyable nerd party.

Bingy said...

mom, will you send me an email about this in which you name names?

Marni C. said...

Best. Party. Ever. Seriously!