03 January 2009


Today I made the ambitious goal of cleaning out my purse. Whenever I get really busy, I start throwing everything in my purse, and since it's the size of a piece of carry-0n luggage, a lot of detritus can accumulate in its cavernous depths. The longer I go without delving into the purse, the more odious the task becomes, something akin to weighing after the holidays or balancing my checking account. I was scared to go in there, but guess what I found?

1) Three FULL packs of Stride gum
2) Three crisp dollar bills
3) My Bath and Body Works headache cream
4) A full bag of homemade chocolate covered toffee

I was feeling rather sluggish and depressed, but my clean purse has given my a new hope and optimism for 2009: maybe I can be organized, thin, and successful!

At the very least, I'll have fresh breath at church tomorrow, and a delicious treat for movie night tonight.


Marni C. said...

gum, money, and toffees. life is worthwhile! Sorry my phone ran out of batteries today. I want to get a new one--blackberry pearl flip phone. I'm a bit obsessed w/it. I'll try to find the Peter Gabriel song.


The Fam said...

thanx--i can't very well ask c. to download it can i? being that it's so. . . so. . . non-challenging.