09 September 2008

week of labor day highlights

2 x IKEA--once with Bonnie and Emily, once with Kindra, Bam, Eliza, Kendall, Taylor, and Moses with frequent encounters with Emily's Dave working security there.

79 Degrees!

Picnic at Rock Canyon Park with Bam, Jasplunds, Eliza, Emily and Dave and a quick visit from Kate and Ken.

Chuck-a-rama with Bonnie and kids, in honor of Dad's absence.

Bam returns from Canada!

Bam's peach custard pie!

Bonnie's b-day party with the Whitakers at Grandma Beth.

George Handley's speech on Religious Values and Environmental Stewardship at Pioneer Park & the Living Green Festival on Saturday with Wade and Kendall, Lula and Cecily (MoMo had a playdate with Kindra during the talk.)

Daddy's back!

The Farmer's Market got HUGE! OK, not Union Square Farmer's Market Huge (have you checked this out yet Eva?), but about four or five times bigger than it was. Raquel gave me Ingrid's Provo Farmer's Market Bag. Cecily and Lula got to hang out with an owl and a hawk. I got to hang out with the Utah Valley Cohousing people, and eat a fantastic tamale from one of the booths.

87 new pics of Ingrid in Germany!!!!

Kindra's rhubarb cake with almond whipped cream.

Lula represents the Asplunds at the ward fish fry and plays her last night games of the season on the blocked off Locust Lane until 11 pm.

Mommy really digs George Pellecanos--writer for the Wire and fantastic mystery writer, a poet really. Mommy makes some progress on her own mystery novel, but feels all Evanovich/Grafton after reading Pellecanos.

Daddy is a Herb Alpert Arts award finalist!

Mommy is getting published in Fence!

Eva gets a mention in Jezebel--after only a week in NY!

Lula makes THE BEST cookies (Split Seconds from the cookie book) ALL BY HERSELF.


Bingy said...

Eff. The farmer's market got big? Where was I?

The Fam said...

Raquel always asks about you. She told me about how you guys stuffed your faces with strawberries from the garden after the parade. BTW, the strawberry plants survived!