29 September 2008

Pre-October Highlights

It's almost my favorite month of the year. Here's what happened last week:

--YAY--email from Ingy. I thought she was dead or being tortured, but she's not.

--Josh's b-day--he's way handsome and grown-up (hope that's not a creepy aunt thing to say).

--Mom and Dad flew in--I attended and survived surprisingly well the dreaded Women's Broadcast, only it wasn't really I broadcast as Mom finagled tix to the conference center. Although it was actually pretty much the same as a broadcast 'cause you can only see the speaker on the screens. Mom gave me a hand rub, which helped me concentrate, and I knew they were taking us to Little America for dinner afterward.

--LITTLE AMERICA rocks. It hasn't changed a bit since I first went there in the seventies. They still have calf's livers on the menu and if you order the meal, you get a scoop of Snelgrove's ice cream in a little metal cup. And they chill their salad plates and warm their dinner plates. It's just my favorite kind of old school goodness.

--The Locust Salon--Dad sang a fab. new setting of "When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes" (I'll give you a dollar if you can remember the sonnet #), and Uba sounded great. A student said, "When I'm a professor I'm going to have a Locust Salon, only I'm not going to call it the Locust Salon."

--Eliza's beautiful personal narrative--Andrea C. better fully appreciate!

--Eva's been hitting the town. Cuban Jazz, the New Museum (is that what it's called) in Soho and some other stuff.

--26 more pages of the B's I.

--Everyone's healthy all at the same time.

--Grandma Wendy asked Moses what he was grateful for after he came out of nursery holding his picture that said, "I am greatful for animals" and he replied, "MoMo!!!!" with gusto. He's also chubby from being on oral steroids for a week. Cute!

--The mountains are scattered with bright splotches of pink, red and yellow.

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