22 September 2008

Memory Wipe

I keep trying to post, but I keep forgetting what I was going to say. Really, one year past forty and my brain cells are shrinking at an alarming rate. Anyhoo, here's what I can remember of last week:

--Momo's voice went bye-bye when he had bronchitis. He's now much better , what with the oral steroids, antibiotics, and nebulizer.

--Farmers Market! Bought green zebra tomatoes, armenian cukes, little green round summer squash.

--Haircuts for me (just a trim--it looks exactly the same), Cecy (chin length stacked bob), Lula (straight across bangs), and Mo (short with some spiky spiderman hair in the front).

--Cecy's poem "The Inch of a Worm is a Word that Rhymes" poem.

--Cecy's rock n' roll singing.

--Massage, by Cecy (try this some time): an ice cube with lotion on it slathered across the calves.


--Ingrid's possible kidnapping (no one has heard from her stateside). I'm kidding, of course, sort of.

--Momo kissing kids at 'benture--teacher: "Who do we kiss? Right! Just moms and dads!"

--Fall Festival--I actually didn't loathe it this year, and Cecy and Lula got awesome rock n' roll updos from the gals at Paul Mitchell who were workin' for free at the Fest. Then their hair got spray painted. And they had yummy home made'ish cupcakes.

--Got 14 pp. written in the BI. Fewer than I wanted 'cause Momo was home sick.

--Hannah Montana concert movie for Movie nite with Lula and Cec.


Marni C. said...

Lotion and ice is also a great line. Also a great feeling. Cecy is indeed a poem unto herself. As are Momo and Lula.

Eva said...

Post Cecily's poem.