01 September 2008


Went to bed at 7:30 last night. Really. Spent a LONG time yesterday on the phone with various people (we have free nights and weekends, correct?). Walked down to Riverside park and sat on a bench like a real New Yorker. I thought about bringing a newspaper, but I thought that would've been a little too much.
My roommate is a doll. She plays show tunes in the mornings and sings along, which is actually quite endearing. She insists on pointing the fan in my direction at night, even though it's her fan. She says living in Lebanon has made her immune to heat. She has curly hair, which makes me like her a good deal more.
My nail polish is starting to wear off, but hopefully I will have a regular babysitting job soon enough--I am going to an orientation on Thurs. to become a "Barnard Babysitter". I miss the kiddies so much. They would love it here. If we ever win the lottery, I think we should all take a family vacation to NY.
I think I am finally going to figure out how to do laundry today. I need to go to the bank. I'll stop by the West Side Market on my way back and eat some samples. One thing about New York City is that you can have fun by yourself if needs be. Not that I'm planning on becoming a recluse or anything, but it's a type of independence that I really enjoy.
Love you all, and love hearing from you. Keep posting!


Christian said...

Oh honey! You sound like you're doing so great--despite the challenges--at your new kollege. I'm glad you're loving the city as much as I did (maybe more--I wasn't nearly as independent as you). We have been talking to someone there about doing a house swap for a few weeks next spring or summer.

NKamSol said...

New York! I wanna come!
Gosh. What a cute roommate. I like mine too--she owns every movie in the whole world, and turns one on every single night and falls asleep within the first fifteen minutes.
Do you want to know something funny? I haven't done a lick of laundry yet. It's been three weeks.

NKamSol said...

ps:that was Ingrid just barely