02 September 2008

Good News for Mommy

I just received this email today from one of my favorite lit journals!

Dear Lara,
Thanks so much for sending us your work. We'd like to publish "Des Esseintes . . ." and "Provencal . . ." in the Fall 2009 issue of Fence. Attached is a contract for you to fill out and return when you can.
best wishes,


Eva said...

Mom! That's amazing! You didn't even mention that when we were on the phone!!!

Bingy said...

Yeah yeah yeah! Why did we talk about my hair when we could have been talking about your poems?
ps: I was describing the most beautiful person I had ever seen to one of my friends, adn he said, "You're good at describing things", and I said, "It's because my mother is a poet", and he said, "Woah. That is way better than a real estate agent"