01 September 2008

Sunday Dinner

Hi Girls--This is Mom, posting on Dad's computer. I thought you all might be homesick for Sunday dinner, so here's a little run-down on the meal. First, I'll start with potatoes, since they're vegetarian, vegan even, so Liza could eat them. I got the recipe from thepioneerwoman.com, and they're called crash hot potatoes. Ingredients include red potatoes, olive oil, kosher salt, cracked pepper, and chives from Tamara Call's garden. They were a hit with the diners. Here's a close-up so you can really understand the crunchy kosherness of these delicious little pommes de terres.

Onto the salads--the green salad was mine, and included orange cherry tomatoes nestled among the greens. They were so sweet with almost no acidity, verging on too sweet, but residing just enough on the tomato-y side to make them perfect. Emily composed the gorgeous red tomato salad with two kinds of tomatoes, which you can see from the different shades of red. The more purpley deeper colored tomatoes were an heirloom variety from the Frandsen's garden and the more common looking tomato from the Farmers' Market. Again topped with Tamara's chives, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper. It was a delicious salad and I think we'll make another one for dinner tonight again.

Finally, the chicken, which I selected during a black-out at Albertson's. As Lula and Cecily stood sobbing, "Let's go home now!" I determined to find the last thing on my list and I felt my way through the meat section until I groped something that felt like a chicken. It felt fantastic! I couldn't tell what kind it was, or how much it was, but I decided to go out on a limb and purchase it anyway, and hope it wasn't 20 bucks. I got to the last working register (must have had some sort of back up power source) and bought my chicken (it was 7 bucks rather than the usual 5--but was a roaster and a little bigger than the normal birds I buy, and was also "all natural, no hormones, vegetarian fed, but not free-range --which would cost a lot more than seven.) Roasted the chicken for an hour at 400 degrees after liberally coating with coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. It was delish.

Finally, I have no pics of dessert, but Emily made summer pudding (berries and bread in a mold--beautiful and delicious), we had five varieties of ice cream, I made Grandma Eva's hot fudge sauce, and Liza made vegan brownies. Also, Liza played a movement from a Beethoven sonata on the piano, and she and Dad performed "Autumn Leaves" and "Angel Eyes"--she sang beautifully. Uncle Ray and Aunt Carol from Alberta were here, and Bonnie also stopped by. It was a lovely evening--we sat on the porch eating while it poured rain--nearly perfect but for the absence of our darling daughters.



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