09 September 2008

now i'm wishin that i didn't wear these shoes

I forgot to go to the Barnard Babysitters office again today... It will happen when the time is right. There was a crazy fiasco with the bank that was extremely inconvenient, and also boring, so I won't get into deets, but suffice it to say that the good people at JP Morgan Chase were kind enough to waive a 25 dollar fee out of the goodness of their hearts. Everyone who works there (men and women) is attractive and ethnic.
I bought an umbrella today, and wore my spray-painted boots for the first time (with my cut-off denim skirt from Karen, a black v-neck quarter-length-sleeve t-shirt, and my turkish flag earrings) which earned me quite a few approving glances from the oh-so-desirable Columbia boys (The lengths we Barnard girls go to... It's ridiculous).
Hindi is starting to be comprehensible (not the language, obviously. The class.)
Other than that, not much is going on these days.
Keep posting!
Love you.

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