22 September 2008

snap cup

We finally had the Snap Cup FHE that Lula has been planning for nigh unto a year. It was a great success! After a nice dinner with Bam (I made spaghetti with italian sausages, salad, zucchini, bread--lula made whipped cream and served us all pumpkin pie), and a small recital where Lula played some piano pieces and sang "Jubilate Deo" that she's been learning with Dr. Jaccard, we all wrote snaps and read them and snapped. Here are the snaps:

Mommy to Cecily: Cecily has a cute new haircut, has a great rock n' roll voice, and wrote a really good poem last week.

Cecily to Lula: Lula is a lover. She looks like the queen of Provo and her new bangs look great. I never imagined anything like it. I never imagined a girl like Lula. I think she FEELS like the queen of Provo.

Bammy to Lara: Lara is a great hostess.

Daddy to Bammy: Bammy is always ready for fun. She is happy when other people are having fun.

Lula to Daddy: Daddy always has something to play on the piano.

Momo was asleep.

snaps to Eva: Eva has amazing hair, is rocking her challenging classes, and has a terrific new job.

snaps to Ingrid: Ingrid is rocking Oberdorla, has been conversing on the bus, and helps Uta with the chores. She has a great attitude when she faces challenges.


emily said...

snaps to cecily's snap.

Eva said...

I miss Cecily.

Thanks for the snap(s?)!
Thanks for posting!

Marni C. said...

What's Eva's job? I second Emily--Lula feels like the queen of Provo and Cecily feels like the queen of the night.