09 December 2008

questions/circular logic/animal classification

Can we be rough with bad guys?

Ummmm. . . only if we need to to get away.

Can we go get Spiderman?


Can one Spiderman tie the other Spiderman up with his web?

There's only one Spiderman.

Why are bad guys bad?

They are bad because they hurt us, it's in their nature.

Can we kill them or just stop them?

Just stop them.

What are octopuses?

Sea creatures, kind of like fish.

Why don't they have tails?

They have eight arms.

No, they have eight tails.

Good point.

Why are they not fish?

I don't know , let's call Dad and ask him.

(Calling Dad--dad and mom discuss: are they crustaceans? arthropods? arachnids?)

Dad says we can look it up on the internet.

What happens when we die?

Our spirit leaves our body and goes to heaven.


Because that's where Heavenly Father lives.

Is he our Jesus?

Kind of.

What happens if we kiss?

I don't know.

Will he help us up?



Marni C. said...

Um, you just blew my mind. Is that Moses, Cecily, or the best of both?

The Fam said...

momo special. liza just blew my mind at her reading.

eliza.e.campbell said...

Thanks Lara! But the thing that should have been read in front of people is Moses' Plato-esque dialogue. In fact, it should be required reading for philosophy students.

Bingy said...

crustaceans and arachnids are arthopods...
Actually, that might be wrong. It's been awhile.