12 December 2008


Some food philosophy and their derivations:

*A bad bagel topped with garlic and parmesan does not = a good bagel. The best food in the world is created with flour, water and salt when those ingredients are given their proper love & respect. (via Alice Waters)

*Good food doesn't have to be hard. Pick a star flavor, just one, and let it shine. (via Mark Bittman)

*Make sure your food is the right temperature. My mother would never serve an uncrisped salad or rolls that weren't right out of the oven. Thanks, Mom.

*Sit down with your people every night and eat together. (Thanks, Dad.)

*Everything is better when Bammy's in the kitchen rolling out a thin pie crust made with tenderflake lard packed in a suitcase and driven down from Canada.

*Your food tastes better when it's beautiful. (Dad)

*Make friends with farmers and gardeners if you can't be one yourself. (Alice Waters)

*Respect the seasons. (Grandma Beth)

I'd love to hear some of your food philosophies, even if you only just now realized that you had them.


Mama Lara

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