14 December 2008

Guess who just got to go to church!?

That's write, our spiritually starved little Ingrid. But don't worry-- I'm hungering for righteousness, and Jesus has promised many times to feed me. He just did, in fact! I also got sexually harassed in the bahnhof. It turns out I resemble Pippi Langstraumpf to sexual predators as well as my host mom's boyfriend and everyone at the disco. lols. It would have been a lot funnier, though, had I not been standing alone in the bahnhof in Gotha, which is not quite a safe and supportive environment. But Brother Mohr came to pick me up, and it was all better. We baked cookies. (vanilla sugar. Use it. Worship it. Have a jar waiting for me when I come home and I will feed you the best baked goods in the whole world) The next day was pretty chill-- I made a jigsaw puzzle and played board games and we watched Get Smart. Then we had the branch Christmas fest which was a riot. I liked it. And Sister Mohr told me she was sure I'd been taking German lessons for years before I came here. Hooray! I'm still. dreaming. in. English, though, so I'm not being too pleased with myself. Also, Eva: send me a letter. Also anyone else who wants to. Is it safe to post my address on the Bloggity? No. I don't think so. The man from the bahnhof is probably creeping around online as we speak. Church was great, of course. I almost cried during sacrament. In fact, I did cry. One thing I will say to you all is: do not take your wards for granted. Go to church next week and give the entire building a big hug, because you never know when it will be the last time you go for months. What else has happened this week?
Oh yeah, a BIG HUGE CYBER-FIVE FOR MY AWESOME PARENTS! They sent me prezzies and write good letters and a million books that I love. Give them a hug too next time you see them, because you never know when you'll have to leave the country for ten months.
You know what I realized this week? The Germans are not human. They can't be. There'S no way. I think my main culture shock problems will not so much be missing peanut butter and boys who pee standing up so much as trying to compensate for being a mere mortal.
I think they're actually robots from the future sent to teach the world how to take care of the planet and do EVERYTHING exactly right before we initiate an apocalypse. So I am actually a very important vessel of information. They're going to pump me full of it and send me home to spread my spores of environmental education through the land. Here is a nugget:
Don't use plastic bags. Carry your groceries out all loose and wild in your grocery cart to your car, where you should all have a basket or two. Put everything in there, and then take the whole basket inside when you get home, and return it to the car when you finish unloading.


Marni C. said...

HI INGY!!! Did you get Amelia's letter? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts. You are such a great writer! I'll think of you every time I take the sacrament.

oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Auntie Marni

Bingy said...

Aw. Thanks. That's a doubly vicarious sacrafice on the part of you and Jesus, and I appreciate it. I'm glad you like my posts. I did indeed get Mimi's letter, and read it five times and then wrote a reply speedy quick.