26 December 2008

boxing day

After the decadence of the past, um, how many weeks has it been since Thanksgiving? I'm eating a slice of whole wheat toast and a lightly poached egg (and a frosty can of diet coke). I feel like an invalid. Especially the way I just jumped out of my skin when I heard, through the dead-quiet house, MoMo's fire truck say: "We've got an emergency. Please respond." No more adrenaline. No more deadlines. My nervous system needs a break.

At least until New Years' Eve, when I am considering throwing a gigantic party (or, maybe just medium-sized.)

My boxing day plan is:

1) Chillax
2)Long Bath
3)Low key chilli dinner
4)Long walk
5)Play games/read stories/watch movies with kids.

What is your post-Christmas antidote?


Marni C. said...

Outdoor fun! Very cathartic!! Mani pedi? Haircut? Bowling? Basement i-pod dance party? Frost-Nixon?

See you soon!


Eva said...

Sleep! that is my antidote for everything, including too much sleep.

Eva said...

And mani-pedi-haircut-eyebrow fixing.

Writermama said...

i'm reading my everyman's christmas story anthology from the library. great one by chekov; also listening to corny windham hill solstice-themed music. very undemanding. and i really need some eyebrow fixing, so thanks to eva for the suggestion.