22 December 2008

Family Dining


Menu 1:
*Hawaiian Haystacks garnished with pineapple, coconut, raisins, crispy chow mein noodles, and green onions over brown rice

Menu 2:
*Bright Star Black Bean/Roasted Lemon Soup garnished with sour cream

*Shredded Napa Cabbage and Swiss Chard Slaw

*Brown Rice part deux: Rice pudding studded with almonds

Menu 3:
*Scratch Macaroni and Cheese

*Garlic Roasted Broccoli Spears (I should have made twice as much)

*Emily’s Mincemeat Cake with lightly sweetened whipped cream and candied clementines

Menu 4:

*Mark Bittman's Luccan Farro Soup

*Toasted Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches on Sourdough Bread

Holiday Treats from neighbors:


*Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

*Candied Almonds


Hyrum said...

How can I score a good recipe for scratch Mac & Cheese?
Your brother,

The Fam said...

I can hook you up. Dude, are you keeping a secret blog?