28 December 2008

I love Christmas, I hate pronouns

I don't want to talk about the pronouns. Just hate them with me.
Other than that, though, I am Good At Europe! I'll tell you all of my GAE moments, starting with the most important:
I dreamed in German!!!!!! That is right! Your little Ingy is getting more multilingual as the days go by, though I still have trouble with the Platt-Deutsch (sp?) that my Oma and Opa speak.
I got invitied to somebody's house! She is freaking wealthy, but that means that she likes ice cubes and I encountered my first of four months. Hooray!
I ran all the way across town in high heels and a very opressive LBD, which doesn't sound like an achievement until I tell you that our town is paved in cobblestones.
Christmas was great, though I think it's much more about the journey than the destination here. But my Host Family gave me stuff, including home knitted socks (so cute!) and my Biological family gave me stuff, including four different pieces of jewelry that had birds on them. Wonderful! And I watched a crappycute Krippenspiel in the big church and wore my angel wings in public (trying to find the mysterious Ay Caramba, which is a disco that turned out to be for 18-upfolk). While we're talking about birds, though, they're different here, and all very beautiful. There are big brown birds of prey that sit on apple trees and look important, and Blue-gray herons or cranes that walk around on the rolling hill on our way to and from school, and teeny chickadees that I look at instead of the black board. But only sometimes, don't worry.


mimiwings06 said...

awww ingrid. I think you got the same bird earrings I did. and megan also got them. matchy matchy!

The Fam said...

are you saying that your town has no restaurant, but it does have a disco called ay caramba?

Eva said...

All of the german is making you blossom as a writer. I hope you are also keeping a paper journal for posterity and everything. If not, make it a NY's res.
I just stole some of mom's caffeine eye roller--supposed to get rid of puffiness.
Next she's going to start snorting it.
However, I know that it is difficult to tell by my failure to send things, but I love you and miss you tons. I talk about you all of the time.

Bingy said...

I talk about you all the time too, Eva! I especially did at language camp-- I would be leading everyone in shavasana, and all of the sudden I would say, "Aw, did I ever tell you guys about when Eva hitchhiked through Guatemala just so that she could get a shower a few hours earlier? And how she survived?" and ruin their inner peace.
Mom, I am saying that my town does have a restaurant or two, and 400 bakeries, but the ay caramba only happens once every few months at one of the few restaurants.
Mimi, that is so cute that we match. You have no choice but to move into my room the moment I get back to Utah. Or now, if you've got important remodeling to do.