16 October 2008


The littles and I are in Arizona for fall break. At this very moment, Moses is flying with Grandpa in his and Grandpa's plane. Are you proud of how brave I am? The sky is stunning and the air is clean and dry and sage-y. David has hosted us at some fantastic meals at MiAmigos, and the three new babies are beyond adorable. I always feel like crying when I hold Avery because of all she's been through. She's extra special. Eve has red hair and Beck has the coolest, hippest mop of black hair I've ever seen on a four week old. I do feel really sorry for the new Moms. They look tired and stressed out. And I do feel really, really happy that it's not me. Lula is a really great baby holder. She's also a good scooter tutor. I told her I'd pay her five bucks if she could teach Momo and Cecily to ride their scooters fast and without falling off. Cecily is all the way there and Momo is almost there. When he gets back to Utah he'll be able to keep up with his best pals Ruby, Danny and Emerson.

We're not able to hear much from Ingrid because her internet is down and her host mother doesn't want her talking to home too much. She went to Dresden yesterday to take her PSAT. I'm waiting to hear how it went. Her host mother is concerned about the strange man from the Mormon church who keeps calling Ingrid.

We're off right now to the Southwest Children's Museum, Lunch at Meegs, and shopping. Love and miss you all.




Eva said...

How jealous am I? Of you because you get to go shopping and eating in AZ, and of momo for being allowed to ride in Granpa's plane. It's because he's a boy, isn't it?

Marni C. said...

Lara--can't wait to talk to you! I love the trio of babies.