15 October 2008

Katie Time!

I will try to be more specific on my personal blog, but here are some highlights of my week with Katie:
FOOD: Marchis (butter lettuce salad, fried lemon custard dough thing, veal and fish that literally melted, etc.), El Malecon (half chicken, excellent riceandbeans), Halal (you name it), the Best Indian Of My Life, Tapas (still don't know what that means, but boy were they good.), and I'm sure I've left somehting out.
OTHER THINGS: Boston (leaves, HeatherandHari, apple cider, chocolate croissants, secret non-coffee mocha freddes, late-night studying), Washington Heights (Katie got one of those necklaces with her name in gold, I got a sexy little jacket thing, we were harrassed, but sometimes flattered by it, we passed up a 6-dollar manicure and I got wax in my hair), Little Italy (Ray's Pizza (THIS is what I left out. SOGOOD. And what else was so good was the smell as we walked down RestauranteItaliano row, I got a yellow hat, Katie's friends, GELATO, is what else I forgot. And a scarf. And a back rub.)
Brooklyn and the youtube party... to sum it up in one abbreviation, lol.
I'm sure I left stuff out, my memory is, you know, not very good.

Going salsa dancing with a live band and a new bra on Friday for my birthday!
Send me presents, bitches!!!
(I mean that in the affectionate, non-sweary way.)

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