20 October 2008

Ceci, Momo, and AZ Odds and Ends

A Ceci story:

This morning Cecily awoke late, about 10 am. She walked into the room where I was lying on the coach reading a mystery novel about Emily Dickinson when I should have been doing dishes with her adorable Christopher Robin-esque bob all disheveled atop her oversized t-shirt pajamas and she climbed on top of me and snuggled into my shoulder. Most of you know that Cecily is not always snuggly. This was a rare moment of intimacy with her.

"You slept for a long time last night, Cecily."
"Yeah. Actually, I was staring at the window thinking of stories."
"What stories were you thinking about?"
"I was thinking about the stories I told Lula last night. She told me to tell her three stories. Actually I tell her three stories every night."

I pondered that scene while Cecily decided we had snuggled enough and was off to play Littlest Petshop.

Two Momo Post-its:

"Moses is very much missed! Class is not the same without him. Heart Miss Kelsey"

"Moses is back. We sure missed him. He told me all about airplanes all day long. Too cute! Heart Miss Christy"

AZ highlights:

--Katie's new patio strung with lights and candles while being served delicious apple crisp

--Usury pass in the evening--jumping cactus, a miniature hike with babies, roasted marshmallows and cupcakes

--MiAmigo's salsa

--Phoenix Zoo--Pearl the Baboon with rocks in her food pouch (long story), turtles, bonding with Charlie, shady picnic with Mom and Katie while kids played in the Swiss Family Robinsonesque tree house

--Shopping with Val at Ross

--Pedis with Kristin (hot rocks, warm lotion, callous removal extraordinare)

--Marble Canyon


--Car trip sing-a-long/harmonizing with Bonnie/Momo and Ceci's long, improvised songs/Lula's gorgeous voice

--Bonding time with the small ones

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