01 October 2008


What I MEANT to say about Women's Conference, but perhaps didn't convey clearly in a previous post, is that, although I am a HUGE Relief Society fan, I am a reluctant Women's Broadcast attender. In fact, I wasn't that excited about going, except that it meant having Mom all to myself (sorry Mesa Girls) for a few hours. But I really enjoyed it and was inspired by it and am determined to go every year from now on. And it was soooo great to go with Mom, just the two of us. Thanks, Mom!


Marni C. said...

Going to the women's broadcast and getting a hand rub from Wendy with the taste of Little America around the corner pretty much sounds like the celestial kingdom to me.

Hiding in time? I think that we forget that time is a spiral or an eternal round. We think that God will forget who we are, in our goodness and in our weakness. But wherever we are, we are now. Does that make sense?

Samuel the Lamanite was so explicit in his prophecies, down to the day, and yet people still forgot. Or they wanted to pretend to forget. Judgment day always comes, but it is also already here.

Marni C. said...

And don't ask why I'm commenting at 3 am. Okay, so ask. I have just a bit of residual psychic angst leaking into my sleepy time. Crap.

Eva said...

"Judgement day always comes, but it is also already here."
that is so good.
I don't know how I'm gonna watch conference here. I just realized that I don't have a radio, and they probably don't play it on the radio here anyhow.
I will probably just look up a few of the talks afterwards. I can't believe I'm not going to be eating any tamales this year...
Tell gma and gpa that I love them!