06 October 2008


A potpourri is different from highlights. I sense that the highlights are not a hit, and the potpourri format allows for more flexibility than the hi-lite format. It goes like this: bam's bouef borguignon-conference/confrince-tamales thrice-ingy twice-eva thrice-grey target dress-cecy's front tooth exit-lula's stations of the cross in bam's basements-matt's waffles w/a quart of whipping cream-nap at matt's beneath the skylight-marni's truck w/extended cab-kindergarten poem recitation-enchanted-mozart's skull-charlotte's buttermilk cake with almond whipping cream-siri hustvedt-tomatoes (almost garden-gone)-Mark's itouch-fabric from india-emily's bacon/eggs with chives-grandpa noel's roasted chile salsa-sundance-mormon democrats-the book of mormon as a guide to social justice-david letterman/tina fey-80's photographs-dieter uchtdorf-mel torme-whoopi goldberg-paul newman-chatting (i just learnt how!)-momo's pj's-fall break-ny plane tix.

Sorry if this is overly long. Haven't posted for a while. Or have I? So great to see the rockin' Mom and Dad and Marni and Mark. So sad to be without Eva and Ingrid. Tell me how you like the potpourri.


Marni C. said...

It's not long enough. It's heavenly poetry. I love the potpourri effect of mingled sensations--sweet and savory, tactile and sonic.


The Fam said...

What're you doing up so late?

Eva said...

Love the potpourri. loved the hi-lites, too.
Love you, mommy!

On a different note, will you bring me white and colorful shade shirts (2 or 3) for my b-day?
Just the under-shirt short-sleeve kind?
They are turning out to be my most useful articles of clothing, and the my white one is stained :(