10 October 2008

momo post-it

"Moses is SO FUNNY! The other day he was asking me about Gary, as stuffed animal I had previously brought. He asked where he was. I told him he was a home. He then asked why he was at home. I said it was because he was tired. He asked why he was tired, and this sort of question asking continued for quite some time. Moses is so much fun!


Miss Kelsey"


Eva said...

I love the momo post-its. Are he and Cecy bonding these days? I hope so.
You guys seriously need to get a webcam. Or at the very least send pictures.

Eva said...

In fact--just take some with a disposable camera and bring them up with you. I'll get them developed here.

Raquel said...

Hey The Fam,

I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. You have a wonderful family! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really needed what you wrote.