03 March 2009


Another list, idea from cjane--my March to do list:

*Katie and Tony's wedding in Arizona! She's my twin sister separated by eight years, and finally met her perfect match.

*Start a vegetable garden.

*Make audition vid for Rachel Ray's "So You Think You Can Cook" competition.

*Walk around the block every day.

*Teach Utah Poetry Society workshop in Bountiful.

*Write article for Mormon Artist Group book on wards around the world--I'm writing the Provo chapter.

*Finish dinner book proposal and send out!!!!!

*Cut out second daily diet coke.

*Celebrate Momo, Bammy, and Christian's birthdays.

*Get a hot rock pedicure whilst in Mesa.

*Watch American Idol.

*Fix grade of former student for the second time (I did it last year and it didn't take). This requires going on campus, which requires significant emotional energy, thus its appearance on this list.

*Make a pie for Christian before his birthday (I promised to bake him a bunch of pies for his last birthday, but pies scare me!)

*Eat at Mi Amigos.

*See the desert.

*Practice piano more with Lula (we're in a bad practicing place right now.)

*Do taxes (I mean, get Christian to do them.)

*Attend Cecily's kindergarten program.

*Attend Chinese immersion program meeting for first grade parents.

*Submit poems to two journals a day M-F.

I could go on, but should try to limit it to that.

What are you doing in March?


eliza.e.campbell said...

I like knowing these things.

My list includes: maybe eating some cultured dairy.

Marni C. said...

Lara you overwhelm and amaze me. March? Wear mascara every day.

Travels with Wiwaxia said...

My list:
some things are already done:
deliver art to Tacoma for feminist show
set up Z space as radical alternative to Facebook social networking (done so I could post my exhibitions coming up)
[blogger won't take my link]
get organized on Twitter
not done:
order some seeds for Lara's garden
send out email and snail mail announcements for exhibitions
finish study for MWC new cd cover for Laudes [is it the same title as the concert, A Peaceable Kingdon?]
finish prep piece for North Cascades park
prepare exhibition proposals for SF CIIS space with two friends
prepare exhibition proposals for exhibition at St James, Song of Songs May 2010.
make reservations for travel to Portland in April.
work on Cindy video.
get Robin organized for going to Egypt and Jordan [subgroup items are getting him moved out of Olympia apartment, bills changed out of his name, make sure he got his new glasses, get car back in garage, etc.]
completing any part of the above is affected by current part time job of dealing with insurance and car rental resulting from some one rear ending me on my birthday.
Korean food [latest is kogibbq on twitter]
Feldenkreis and yoga
go to water aerobics with elders at the gym at least 3x/week