05 March 2009

clean air

Hey! The Daily Herald published a hastily written (telling you it was hasty because embarrassed by some awk sentences) letter to the editor I wrote last week. There are some interesting and/or amusing comments in the discussion section.


I've been meaning for years to join Utah Moms for Clean Air.

(If you're from out of state, you might not know that we have major air quality issues here.)

I'll become a mom for clean air eventually.


eliza.e.campbell said...

Post the letter! Or die of air pollution.

Marni C. said...

I love it--very insistent and intelligent. Who designed your new blog look?

Travels with Wiwaxia said...

I love your indignant outrage. I only read the first page of commments, but there's a lot to do if Pickens is the model. Keep up your advocacy.
I know about the air quality first hand because I suffered in Provo and in Santa Fe more than anywhere on the trip. And I took it last March to get away from the pollen here....