11 March 2009

buttery eggs

When Lula was a toddler, all she wanted to eat for breakfast were "eggys," so I would soft scramble two eggs in a tablespoon of butter which she would consume in seconds.  What a baby she was!  Cornflower eyes, raspberry lips, apricot curls--all wide-eyed summery perfection--I couldn't walk through the store with her without being stopped by customers wanting to comment on her beauty.  

Not to brag or anything. 

She is now 10 and a half, and has recently been ravenous, and growing out of her clothes and shoes every six weeks, and once again wants her soft scrambled eggs "the way you make them" every morning for breakfast.  

Why is it so flattering when your kids request food the way only you can make it?  Perhaps it is the last hold out, the last bit of control one can wield over one's child.  Even with Ingrid and Eva happily settled far from home at the moment, I still love to hear that they can't wait to come home for family dinner.

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Mark A. said...

Isaac has me make "crazy eggs" which are lightly scrambled eggs. He is very particular about them and is asking for them more and more. These two! They are actually wonderful eggs by the way. I have to find that article. Bascially, you use lots of butter (a theme), medium heat, and then you lightly scramble in the pan, ensuring that there is still a distcintion between the whites and yolks. Terrific flavor.