11 March 2009

heaven--a dialogue

Cecily:  What does heaven look like?

Mom:  I don't know.

Cecily:  Yes you do.

Mom:  No, I don't.  Nobody does.

Cecily:  (laughing) Yes they do.

Mom:  What do you think it looks like?

Cecily:  It's all yellow and bright.

Mom:  And what else?

Cecily:  With little bumps.  I'm seeing it right now in my brain.

Mom:  What are the people wearing?

Cecily:  Ummm.  Just their dancing clothes.

Mom:  How old are they.

Cecily:  I don't know.  Teenager.

Mom:  What are they standing on?

Cecily:  Their feet.

Mom:  What are their feet standing on?

Cecily:  Air.

Mom:  Are there plants and buildings and animals and mountains?

Cecily:  No, but there's a sky.

Mom:  What are they doing?

Cecily:   Just laying around relaxing.

Mom:  Do they ever get bored of relaxing?

Cecily:  (laughing) No!

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Christian said...

She's a nut. Just hilarious.