02 March 2009

i heart

I'm stealing this idea from light refreshments, and wanting to hear what you all heart as well:

I heart:

*ice cream cones
*mystery novels, especially pd james, laurie king, george pellecanos
*super hot baths
*jean valentine's poems
*the new yorker, not their poems usually
*fall and spring
*vinyl records
*emily dickinson
*all shades of red
*green vegetables, especially salads
*eva's curly hair and heart shaped lips
*gertrude stein
*the mountains in provo
*grandma beth
*momo's extra strong hugs
*savory breakfasts
*thomas bernhardt
*jimmy stewart's interviews
*jon stewart
*on the media
*mom's dinner rolls
*williams and sonoma
*the provo farmer's market
*pizzaria 712
*the ladies in book club
*the ladies in my rs
*the ladies in primary
*ingrid's eyes and letters
*heirloom varieties
*clifford farms' eggs
*cecily's laugh and her stories
*the entire west coast
*christian's profile
*the autobiography of red
*michael moore
*archie mcphee's
*bombay house
*lula's angel face and her projects
*blow-outs at the salon
*family dinner
*heritage pork
*michael jackson
*the frick
*the marriage of figaro
*bedtime stories with the kids
*simon schama
*law and order, classic only
*olive oil
*john freida's brilliant brunette shampoo
*the dining room table where i write/the view out the dining room window
*diet coke
*tithing and food storage
*christian's profile and grey temples
*sea creatures


All of Us said...

i heart your new blog template; it's amazing. Did you create it yourself, or did you have outside help? It's so you!

Travels with Wiwaxia said...

I love the beautiful insect.