18 February 2009

This is your brain on a foreign exchange.

So, I promised mom some cyber-sunshine, but I really didn't have a very good week and a half. The good news is that Fasching (carnival) is this week, and I'm going to parties tomorrow and the next day, and perhaps Saturday and Sunday as well.
but two things before I tell you all that I have nothing to say:
a. If anyone has advice for me (me being a social and academic failure), please consider it solicited, and
b. I'm sorry about the wole "desicion" thing-- it's kind of anticlimactic compared to Eva's guess, but I decided that I like Mozart more than Beethoven-- but I wanted to wait until I had been to Bonn AND Vienna to make that choice, so I could really feel like it was an educated one.
I love you. All.
Oh, and a big huge cyber-five to my wonderful mother and the amazing Valentine package she sent me. I loves you!!!
ps eva: I really missed making Valentimes with you and secretly delivering them to our boys and staying up late with rhymes and construction paper and glitter glue. More than I can even say. Email me.


The Fam said...

please tell us what was "not very good" about your week--otherwise i make stuff up in my head and freak myself out!



eliza.e.campbell said...

Oh Ingrid my friend. We all are having not so good weeks, probably. It's February.

But don't worry, because soon it will be MARCH!

And plus, I love you. And mail is forthcoming.

mimiwings06 said...

mail has already come from me.
just you wait!

ps, you are not a failure in any sense of the word. just by the way.