16 February 2009

missing ingrid

These cold and dreary February days have been difficult around here.  Every time I go to the store or the salon or the library I hear people complaining about the weather and longing for spring.  In a way I kind of like the end of winter and the end of summer because I am so ready for the change of season that fall and spring are ecstatic.  

I think the depression of winter has made me miss Ingrid all the more.  I was okay with her absence in the fall, though always worried about her health and safety, but I've had two nightmares about her in the past week where she was having difficulty with her host family.  I think this is because she didn't email me on Sunday as promised.  It's very hard on me when I don't get a weekly assurance of her well-being.  So today Christian cleaned out the garage and I found her crocheted rainbow scarf and her little key necklace.  I put them both on and vowed to wear the necklace every day until her safe return.  And Christian offered to give Kirsti the braid that Ingrid cut off last spring for a sculpture, which would be really cool, but I had to say no.
Not until my baby is home.  

I miss you Ingy Bingy!



p.s.--I miss Eva tons, too, but I got to see her for a month at Christmas and get to call her whenever I want (though she's mostly too busy to talk to me and mostly doesn't read or return my emails. . . ).  But don't worry about me darlingk.  I'm fine even though you never call.  I know you're so busy with so many important things and I don't want your poor mother to get in the way of your rise to the top.  So no worries.  I only cry over you once, maybe twice a day and that's it.  And the doctor says I need to be careful about my heart, but I didn't want to worry you. . . .


Eva said...

haha, it took me a while to get the P'n'P ref, but that made it all the better when I did...

thomas said...

Mmm hmmmm. Work it mama. Motherhood is just pain. And love--but love laced with pain. This is what I tried to write about in my Master's thesis--that feeling of motherhood that is love so deep that it takes in both love and pain, birth and death. There is no word for it in this language. Perhaps in the Eve-ic (isn't there an Eve-ic as well as an Adamic?) tongue.
(This is Marni. Thomas forgets to sign out!!)

Eva said...

The first two sentences when I thought it was Thom speaking were so good!

eliza.e.campbell said...

I had the same thing.

Thomas: "Mmm hmmm. Work it mama. Motherhood is pain."

- Thomas


Marni C. said...

This was my design. Unconsciously.

Bingy said...

Mother! Please donate my amputated hair to art? Sometimes Juliane has to work on Sundays so I can't use the computer, but I promise I'm okay.
Oh also I had a dream about you to. You met Uta and me and Jule had to translate. It was cool-- I love bilingual dreams.