05 February 2009

The Eye of the Tiger.

That's the song that was playing when I bought the Lederhosen of Fate.
Very fitting, oder? In any case they were at a thrift store just down the road from the Hundertwasserhaus. I can't even begin to describe this wonderful building, but I will say that everyone has "Fensterrecht", with I can't explain without the risk of saying something wrong due to mistranslation... utilize your googles, people. It is eco-friendly, though, and the architect is anti-straight line, which might give you an idea of what it looks like. I hope. And one lucky winner is getting a postcard with a picture of the place.
Okay, did I already talk about the Magic Flute? I saw it. It was great, as every production of the Magic Flute is destined to be. The Papageni are the cutest couple ever. I might even venture to say the cutest couple evar, which is a misspelling I save for special occasions. I love the "Pa pa pa pa" dialogue-- you know the one? I might run the risk of ruining any shred of dignity I might still have by singing it, but I'm writing.
But I made the big decision. The Big Decision.
Can anyone guess which one it is? I just decided that I want to keep the four of you who read this in suspense, keep you guessing until a later date.
Also, I bought a record from the Streeeeets!! I am so happy. I found an amazing record store that sold Black Flag tshirts, which freut mich, and of course records from the Streets. Unfortunately, the HostFam doesn't have any facilities to play vinyl, so I guess I'll have to wait. But it has "You're Fit But You Know It" AND "Get Out of My House", as well as others. Woah! I can't wait.
So, Charly/Karl and Anna have this niece called Mira, and she's around my age and we spent yesterday together. She's really cool. Her boyfriend used to be in the Vienna Boy's Choir (speaking of which, the three little guardian boys in the Magic Flute-- you know the ones?-- they were from the VBC. They were divine) She and I walked around and bought a present for Moses (a Spiderman comic auf Deutsch) and climbed the whole entire Stephensplatz spire, which I think should have a fireman pole at the top for easyslidingdownishness. Which is probably a word in German. And I saw sea urchins! In an aquarium. Cute.
Oh my, did I forget about the most wonderful greenhouse in the whole world? It was huge and the house itself was beautiful, and then it was just like stepping into a jungle-- steamy and fragrant (like soil and plants-- how I want to smell) and warm. It was lovely to walk on ground that wasn't frozen, amazing to be with someone (Anna, perhaps the nicest person on Earth) who loved it as much as I did. When I grow up I'm going to teach a yoga class there.


mimiwings06 said...

what decision? WHAT DECISION??

Christian said...

oh, honey, this sounds so magical. is it magical, or am i just making that up because of die zauberflote (sp?)




p.s.--sorry to yell at you like that.

Marni C. said...

C'mon. I want to hear too!

Marni C. said...

C'mon. I want to hear too!

Eva said...

My guess: you're getting engaged. But have to keep it a secret and not post it on a blog because it is against the rules, and will be sending out a hush-hush email announcement shortly.
He is a VBC boy.

Boyd said...

Mimi had it exactly right: WHAT DECISION?????????

Christian said...

A divine post. You are reminding one of Amy Sedaris, or maybe her smarter, sweeter cousin.

Bingy said...

Oh my gosh dad. Did you just tell me I was Amy Sedaris's smarter, sweeter cousin?
Thank. You. I don't know if I've ever heard anything nicer in my life. I love you. And Amy.