01 February 2009

Advice from the Elders

Today at Relief Society, the women offered their best advice as we were discussing the advice "Come what may and love it," that Joseph B. Wirthlin's mother gave to him as a youngster. Here's some of it, all from the 60-98 year old crowd:

Sister Lois (95, give or take): I recommend that you all get a quad cane so you don't have to bend down to pick up your cane.

Sister Mary (on making mistakes): Take the good from your mistake and throw away the bad. (I love that one!)

Sister Jan: You can do anything you want if you're willing to work for it. (That's an old school one--my Dad always said that to us when we were kids. I used to think, really? I could make it to the NBA if I work hard enough? It kept me up nights)

Sister Ruth (98?): There ain't no happiness in this world; you just have to be happy without it!

I love the sisters! They totally rock. And I love aphorisms. I should have been an Alcott.

What are your favs?

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Bingy said...

Every bird has a beautiful song, even the crow.
I got over being embarrassed about anything on the road to multiculturalism, and have learned to accept that as a truth and a life philosophy of mine. I think that was and will forever be the best piece of advice I ever gave.