25 August 2008

Monday Highlights

Eva Snow arrives at Barnard.

Ingy posts on facebook, but doesn't send a message to Mom.

Cecily tells Mrs. Whitaker that she is interested in, "Nothing. Actually, in evil things." She doesn't think the kitchen in Mrs. W's classroom will be fun because it's princess, and "All princesses like to do is cook and be pretty." Also, she wishes the girl's bathroom was on the left instead of the right because, "Left is my favorite direction."

Moses wonders if Eliza Campbell is big or little.

Mom makes a decent veggie stir fry with brown rice.

Eva buys a new toothbrush.

Lula decides that stray cat Mandarin is pregnant.

Eliza makes delicious vegan brownies.

Where is Ingrid?

Jesse Jackson, jr. gives a fantastic speech at the DNC. Mom cries.

Momo's highs and lows at dinner include, "I like spiderman briefs but he's really cool."

Lula discovers Netflix instant view movies.

Dad takes a walk to the Creamery with Mo and Cec.

Michelle Obama rocks the DNC in a really great-fitting dress. Thank you for not wearing a red suit.

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