12 April 2008

Lula's fungus story, true to the original manuscript

The Orange Fungus

One night I was walkin along minding my oun bussnis and I was thusty So I got a glass of water and I heard a weird noise in my living room. I went in my living romm and I saw gros orange fungus So I told my dad. He came in with some spray. He tried to spay it but the fungus took it away and sprayed my dad. Then I saw the Fungus growing biger and biger. It soon grew so big, our house couldn’t hold it any more. Orange fungus spilled out onto the back lawn. That looked like the end of the fungus, it lay there so still it looked liveless. But, suddenly, it let out a big “Scream…” that woke up the whole neighborhood.
* Pop * pop pop pop * it grew legs then it a lump started to grow thet turned out to be a HEAD! The fungus walked right into our house and started digging thru our cupords. It looked like it smelled something good. It looked in the fridge and saw a big hunk of cheese. It grabed the cheese, stuffed it in his mouth and went back into the corner of my living room it started in and became even smaller then it was before. We learned from the adventur that when the fungus was mad, it grew bigger, and when it was happy it got smaller. After that day I was the proud owner of a pet fungis named
motzzarella. And we all lived happily ever after… even thou my dad had to get an eye patch.

The End

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