29 August 2008

I am using my limited internet time to post here, because exoskeleto is the bomb.

Germany!!! I am here, finally. It is absolutely wonderful, and I am staying in a 700-yr-old nunnery with a group of really awesome, motivated, smart kids (the sort of kids who would go through the very arduous application process.) Hedersleben is exceedingly small, and full of mossy cobblestone. My favorite thing is sitting at my windowsill and reading/being harassed by 12-yr-old German boys. I have written a page a day in my journal, and am very proud of myself. The people who feed as are lovely and make us vegetarian food. 25% of the participants in this program are a vegetarian, and one of them is a vegan. We all eat a lot of potatoes and bread at big Hogwarts-style tables, and I have been teaching yoga classes in the boys dorms (you all should tell me your favorite pose, because I am at a bit of a loss). I also do a lot of sleeping/daisy chain weaving beneath or perched on one of the branches of the willow tree (huge, huge willow tree) and strolling through the streets of Hedersleben, or visiting one of the four stores in the city. I have been going to Catholic mass and watching conference talks on my computer, which is fun, except that I don't get sacrament (there are other Mormon girls, but no preisthood holders).
My roommate is awesome though. Her name is Emily, and she is fron San Diego, and is going to Princeton. She nudges me every ten minutes in the mornings until breakfast, and has lots of movies to watch on her laptop (we watched Casablanca last night).
Learning a new language is exhausting. But I love it.


The Fam said...

Wow--it sounds wonderful! As for poses, I love pigeon, shoulder stand, fish, and don't love but need boat, warrior 1 and 2, the eastern something,and I love triangle, frog, and a and b. Is that enough?

Eva said...

LOL--the eastern something.
I can give you a christmas present nowww!!!
Did mom tell you that I threatened not to, or did you read my blogpost?
If you are not reading my blogposts then I will only be able to give you a humorous card for christmas.
Also, I have a personal blog called evasnow.blogspot.com
Check it out!!!11!!!!1!1!!!

Kele said...

Ingybingy. You are one of the bravest people I know.
Your face will be on every german magazine, I know it.
How is your learning German coming along? I'd be so so overwhelmed, but I know you're gonna be a fish in german water.

Bingy said...

I read it. I read it my very own self. AND I read your real blog. Did you not see the comment I left for you? About my cool Indian neighbor?