26 August 2008

Orientation blorientation

It is obviously amazing here. My roommate is the sweetest (and, lucky for me, most on-top-of-it) girl, and we've been rushing around all day getting hangers, bank accounts, and egg rolls. She also makes me attend all of the orientation events, no matter how boring. I have to admit I fell asleep during some dean or another's "enlightening" orientation-role-play-skit. I was in the back, though, and there are hundreds of us, so she didn't notice.
Don't worry, though, I'm definitely far from jaded right now.
I spent a few hours on the Columbia campus last night and was completely blown away by the beautiful architecture and the beautiful people walking through it (people here really are beautiful). I'm looking forward to our after-hours trip to the Met tonight (jealous yet?), but I've almost run out of cash, so I need to hurry up and deposit a check into my brand spankin' new Chase bank account (I was going to go with shitibank, but the Chase man accosted me and gave me twenty dollars. At the end, I was trying to convince him that Citibank wasn't all that bad and he took his sunglasses off and looked me in the eye and said "Yeah it's cute and all. But if you want STRENGTH you go with Chase." People here are crazy.)
They'll mail me my debit card in 5 days, which I am nervous about, but which I think I can finally handle. There actually isn't much reason to spend money around here--meals are taken care of, and other than transportation, that's about the only thing you need to pay for. Window shopping and walking around ends up being just as fun as anything you could think of to spend money on.
I did go through a lot, though, on the first day buying hangers, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, etc., and I'll have to spend a little more on laundry supplies sometime (although the last people to live in our room kindly left us their remaining detergent--hidden in a little corner of my closet).
Most of my clothes are dirty by now. It is incredibly sweaty around here, and the sweat isn't even effective because it's far too humid for any sort of evaporation to take place.
No matter, though.
I'm getting used to the whole damp feeling, and Rian says that it's all very crisp and clean feeling come fall, so maybe I'll just be able to appreciate that even more when it comes.
I'm trying to meet people. It's intimidating, but not as much as I thought it would be.
I've gotta go to my "security forum" now (we have a lot of forums) but I love you all.
If any of you are in contact with Ing, tell her that if she doesn't post on this blog I will not buy her a christmas present.


The Fam said...

how ecstatic am i that you posted? words can't say. it's definitely my high of the day. any tidbits and details you can throw my way will be appreciated, since you're now living my dream.

just got back from lunch with lili, taylor, kindra and cecily. liza's going to sign up for vocal auditions.

x's and o's

Marni C. said...

Eva--I love that I can follow your journey.

Keep writing . . .